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One of the most unfussy lotions I’ve ever used! From the packaging and ingredients, to the clean non-greasy legs I’m left with. Gehwol was born in 1868 in Lübbecke, Germany and has since become a synonym for foot-care. Their line is comprehensive for all different foot care needs from hard skin, athletes foot, foot odor, and more. It is also dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.

I was originally drawn to the somewhat medicinal packaging and the avocado on the tube, implying it uses natural ingredients. Which, Gehwol mostly does. They do not claim to be 100% natural but most of their products are of natural origin. The leg vitality in particular was intriguing to me for it’s daily use and moisture balancing for dry legs.

I use it almost daily at night after long days on my feet for work, working out, or just de-stressing from the day. I apply before going to bed, which is one of the main reasons why I love this lotion. Because it absorbs so quickly and is non-greasy so I have no issue with quickly slipping under the covers after applying. The claims of having a soothing effect are correct and it leaves my skin refreshed, moisturized, and not broken out by heavy lotions. It has a mild powdery scent which is clean and doesn’t linger like perfume. As my life is about to pick up with travel I’m glad I’ll have this lotion in my artillery of products to count on!

Ingredients: Precious avocado oil, algae extracts, and vitamin E provide the special skin-friendly properties of Leg Vitality. Allantoin and the chamomile component bisabolene support the caring properties and strengthen the mildly deodorising effect of the herbal agents. Hamamelis – an extract from the Virginian witch hazel bush – soothes irritation and prevents wrinkles.

Price: $26.00 for 125 ml

Available at: gehwolonline

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  1. I’m always amazed at how much prices can differ if something’s an import… $ 26? Ouch! If you ever come to Germany, make sure to stock up on this. It costs about € 7 here (but you might only get it at a pharmacy). 😉

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