“The Skin I’m In” by Celebrity Stylist and Writer, Michelle Brookhurst

I’m the person that “sensitive skin” labels were made for. Unfortunately, most products aren’t “sensitive” enough. I am allergic to every synthetic fragrance, every bubble bath, every laundry detergent, every make-up, every self-tanner, every everything.

I have horror stories of getting on a plane and using a beautiful, “healthy” cucumber hand lotion from an extremely reputable brand, known for it’s true to nature philosophy, and breaking out in hives 20 minutes into a 5 hour flight. When I go to a hotel, I have to bring my own towel, so I don’t get a red itchy rash all over my torso from the hotel bathrobe and towel sets. I have to pack my own blanket plus full length pajamas and socks, to keep me protected from the hotel linens. So much for a romantic getaway when you are covered head to toe, in the hopes of protecting yourself from a blanket. I am terrified of the Snuggle bear, and the wrath his scented dryer sheets can inflict on my skin.

So needless to say, I am extremely paranoid and picky when it comes to my skin care. For a long time I used Olay sensitive skin face wash, and moisturizer with sunblock, but when I wanted to make the switch to paraben-free skin care, I was lost in a sea of essential oils. I am always nervous to try anything new on my skin, I patch test everything, with a dime size scoop of any new product on my inner wrist for 24 hours before it goes anywhere near my face. So when a friend suggested DeVita skin care, I took her advice with a grain of salt; everyone always thinks they can outsmart my skin allergies, but my puffy eyes and swollen lips the morning after a “I swear it’s all natural” lotion test have always told me the truth. However, I started paying attention to her repeated suggestion, not because I necessarily believed the line wouldn’t affect my skin, but because her skin looked so fantastic.

My patch testing began on a summer afternoon, after reading everything I could on paraben-free allergy safe skincare. DeVita was the clear winner. It’s sold at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and they have their own website, http://www.devitaskincare.com. It’s a little more expensive than the average drugstore skin care products, but for someone like me, it’s truly priceless. The packaging is beautiful, and not only is it paraben free, it’s vegan safe, gluten sensitive safe, never tested on animals, and the products are fantastic! My personal favorites are the Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser, the Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30, the DeVita-C Serum, the Perfecting Time Age Defying Moisturizer, the Hyaluronic Serugel, and the super duper High Performance Glycolic Acid Blend. I am way too sensitive to use Retin-A, but this glycolic acid serum does the trick! My skin has never been calmer, clearer, brighter, and happier. The line has every kind of troubleshooting product you can imagine, from under eye cream to capillary support. DeVita has “try-me” kits on their website, which are also ideal for travel- because the bottles are a beautiful thick glass, some of the full-size products are not great for squishing into a suitcase.

I don’t feel lost or embarrassed about my skin anymore, I’m just a sensitive gal in general. As I have matured, I am grateful for my emotional sensitivity, it makes me a better friend, daughter, parent, sister. And I am thankful, for every hotel towel, and well-intentioned bubble bath, for all the itchy and red days and nights, because they brought me to a safe, healthy skin care line, that looks beautiful in my home, and even better on my skin.


Michelle Brookhurst is a former teen actress (Can’t Hardly Wait, Charmed, Foxfire),  turned celebrity stylist (clients include George Lopez and Baron Davis) turned writer.  She has written a television series based on her life called “Certain Something”, and is currently based in Los Angeles.

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  1. Thank you, Michelle for that wonderfully honest and compelling review! I can truly say “ditto” – that is exactly how I found DeVita myself! (but I do better with hotel linens and such – but only just! It’s the smell of them that kills me! Instant headache!) I came from the traditional cosmetics arena, working for the “BIG-BIG’s”, but I had a paradigm shift – I realized I was eating and drinking all organic – doing all the right things there, but slathering my largest organ (my skin!) with such an array of toxic goop, I to this day apologize to my liver for those younger, foolish days! I started having lots of headaches and itchy, watery eyes and other symptoms – I went on a mission to clean-up my skin care, and that’s when I found DeVita. I knew I was “home” within days of starting the regime (I bought the Travel kit). That was 7 yrs ago, and because I loved the line so much I actually joined the DeVita Team (almost 5 yrs ago!). I love our products even more now (is that possible?!?), and my skin and liver are SO GRATEFUL that I made my DeVita life change. It really means so much to me, to Dr. DeVita, and the whole DeVita family (there really is a Dr. Devita!), when we hear stories such as yours. That is why she started the line – she was a sensitive herself – on a mission to help all us sensitive souls! So glad you found us, and thank you for sharing your story so eloquently! Please reach out to me at lisa.reuer@devita.net if you ever have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance – All the Best, Lisa Reuer, Marketing Director, DeVita Natural Skin Care

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