Whip Those Eyebrows Into Submission!

I don’t know about you but my eyebrows have a mind of their own. Getting them to stay in place has never been an easy task. I’ve tried products geared toward eyebrow wrangling, but they either don’t hold effectively enough, or they get crunchy and flaky. Here are two easy and cheap tricks for taming those brows into submission, while┬árepurposing something you already own.

1. Grab a colorless natural lip balm, like the Weleda Everon Lip Balm (review to follow) or the Jao Lip Balm my beauty partner, Jaclyn Ferber, recommended. Swipe it lightly over each brow. Then take a spoolie brush and brush those brows into the shape you want, while working in the balm.

2. Another great brow groomer in a pinch is using your hairspray. Grab that spoolie brush again, spray it lightly with your favorite hairspray and run it through your brows.

And presto, beautifully groomed brows that last, without needing to add another product to your arsenal!

2 thoughts on “Whip Those Eyebrows Into Submission!

  1. Thanks for the advices! I wanted to buy Mister Eyebrow by Givenchy, I guess this Weleda lip balm is no less good ­čÖé By the way, does it work with thick eyebrows too? Mine are quite thick, like Keira Knightley’s (but not on the photo attached here – too much corrected, not her usual style))

    1. I have the thickest eyebrows ever! I tweeze and 2min later I have to tweeze again:( Love using the lip balm over any other thing I’ve tried… And agreed on Keira Knightley. So true! Thank you for writing in:)

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