Thanksgiving Table Beauty

Let’s imagine you have cooked a masterful turkey, have a room filled with family, friends, and love, and are glowing with a warm pink shimmer blush and a great cream sweater. Everyone is enjoying the laughter and getting ready to sit and feast. Now, beyond the ultimate gratification of a great Thanksgiving meal with great company, is a great table! Here are is a great and versatile tip on how to make your Thanksgiving table shine along with your spirit!

Fast, Cheap, and Easy! Buy a roll of brown butcher paper and either cut it up for place mats, leave it as a long runner, or use it to label your food at your Thanksgiving buffet. Butcher paper can be found in most office supply stores such as Staples. Rip the ends, it doesn’t need to be cut nicely, a raw edge is interesting. Get a nice calligraphy pen in black, silver, white, or gold and above each plate write the guests name. If it’s on the runner you can write it on the bottom edge above the plate or if it’s on a mat, on the top of the mat so it peeks out above the plate. For mats you can also draw a scrolling border in various shapes around the plate. Again, either the same shape or different as the variety adds interest. Another great idea for the mats are underneath each plate you can write a message of gratitude to the person who is sat in that spot. For example, “I am grateful for your smile” or “In thanks for your love”. Then when the table is cleared for dessert, each guest will have a personalized message to make them smile and remind them how much they mean to you.

For kids, you can leave an assortment of washable markers or crayons in a couple of cups or a carved out pumpkin on the table so they can doodle on the mats for fun. This will keep them entertained and make a great crafting project. This can even be set up at a separate kids table where you can can add glue, scissors, colored paper, and more. Of course, you can always make the entire theme fun for adults and kids alike by leaving crayons out for everyone. Draw fun turkey shapes, leaves, scrolling vines, pumpkins, and any other ideas you can think of.

To top off the table add a few mini pumpkins spread out across the runner and a couple of small and simple low arrangements vs one large arrangement. If you’re entertaining adults and have an evening dinner I would always suggest tea lights down the runner as well. You can’t bet candles for ambiance above all else!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and to all our Glow + Tell readers we are truly thankful for you!


Jaclyn & Elena

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