Andrea EyeQ’s Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, Oil Free

Getting eye makeup off at night can be a real beast! But not when Andrea EyeQs gets involved! These pads will remove the toughest of eye makeup in one or two gentle swipes. That’s it!  Because each bottle comes with 65 pads that are saturated with the right amount of remover. Other brands force me to use 6 or 7 pads, thanks to their ineffective formula and dried out pads.

These oil-free gems will leave you with no oily film that blurs your vision, no streaks of  eyeliner you can’t rub out . Your eyes are free of residue to reapply makeup if need be and safe and ready for your contact lenses. And the added aloe vera soothes and softens lines.

For a bionic eye makeup remover, look no further.

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Bon Voyage Beauty!

The dreaded international flight. How to do right by your skin while 30,000 feet in the air for 10 hours? Just read on!


As important as it is to stay hydrated on a regular basis by drinking water it is doubly as important when you are getting ready to and while flying. Try to double up on your water in-take in the days leading up to your flight. If you aren’t regularly taking a fish oil then add it into your daily regime. The fatty acids in fish oil are proven to both help the brain and cardiovascular function and help skin cells retain moisture. It’s a good idea to also throw some in your carry-on for in-flight or during your time away. It’s a powerful punch for something that doesn’t take up valuable shopping space in luggage.


Even if you pick a couple of these tips it will do wonders for your arrival.

1. Drink lots of water even if it means getting up multiple times to the frustration to the aisle passenger.

2. Drink hot water with lemon, refreshing, hydrating, and lemon is key to metabolic boosting!

3. Use a Hydrating mist every few hours to keep your skin feeling refreshed and stop it from getting tight. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater
Price: $11.95

4. During the flight, in addition to spritzing your mist, try to re-apply your moisturizer.  The constant air conditioning can suck the life out of your skin, so even if your skin is usually oily, you’ll notice it absorbing moisturizers much faster.

5. Apply lip balm. The same applies for the lips in that the cabin air will suck the nourishment up so try Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6.00 or Caudalie Lip Conditioner, $12.00 both available at Sephora.

6. Sanitize – A breeding ground for germs it’s important to make sure you land healthy on the other end. The worst would be to find yourself on an amazing vacation and coming down with a cold 2 days later. Sanitize your hands with  L’Occitane Lavender Clean Hand Gel from the Provence to Go Collection, $7.00.


Trilogy Travellers takes the hassle out of packing and has everything you need to land with a glow. Plus I love the packaging! $37.00

Dermalogica Skin Kits have all the benefits of a full regimen… to go. Featuring convenient travel sizes in a durable travel pouch, your Skin Kit allows you to hit the road safe in the knowledge that you’re packing a full regimen of products. 35.00.

To read up on other travel kit options check out this article at Marie Claire.


Before you land give yourself a quick face wash with either a rinse free cleanser or a cleanser wipe. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes $4.99 are some of my favorite nourishing wipes! They are non-comedogenic, use no alcohol, and have the added benefits of PRO-VITAMIN B5 which are known to help restore, soften and smooth skin.

Then make sure to re-apply your moisturizer and touch up your make-up with the bare minimum. To mask the jet lag try a concealer, YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch, $40, to cover up dark circles and redness. Then add a couple coats of mascara, such as Covergirl LashBlast Length Mascara, $6.94, to open up your eyes. And lastly, a lip or cheek stain in a soft pink or peach shade to hide any redness from the flight. If you go with a creme it also has the added benefit of creating a dewy look with appears more youthful and energized. It’s better to look clean and effortless while traveling.

Bon Voyage ladies… arrive in style!
xo, Jaclyn

Lancome BI-FACIL Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

In the past I’ve generally tried to use a face wash that does some double duty action and helps remove my eye makeup while also doing a stellar job of cleaning my skin. This is because sometimes I can get a bit lazy and it’s one less step in my nightly regime.  Secondly it’s because eye makeup remover irritates my eyes and generally makes them burn a bit. However, it’s definitely not the ideal solution for truly clean eyes and it is always recommended to remove your makeup at night! Leaving it on could cause contact irritation, an allergic reaction or even an infection.  It can also make your lashes fall out over time and no one wants thinner lashes!

Then, I discovered Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover. This award-winning phenomenon of a product had me sold when it didn’t irritate my eyes, make them water, or cloud up my contacts. I don’t use waterproof mascara but it also claims to remove it and based on other reviews seems to be a very truthful claim.

My other thumbs-up for this product is it doesn’t leave a terribly greasy residue. It has a slight residue but it’s not an oily feel around the eyes, it’s more of a hydrated sheen. It also doesn’t require tugging or hard wiping to remove makeup either which leaves our lashes where they should be. Simply use a cotton pad, saturate with Bi-Facil, hold it over the eye for a few seconds, and then wipe away.

According to the Lancome site: Simply shake to activate the bi-phase formula that leaves the eye area perfectly clean. The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.


Listed at: $27.00

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