3 Beauty Tips from MakeUp Artist, Jenny Karl

1. The Many Magical Powers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It’s chemical free and has many uses other than for cooking. Here are some effective ones!

     a. Warm a small bowl of the oil and soak your nails for 5-10 minutes to strengthen your nails and soften the skin.

     b. Massage the skin using a mixture of the oil and fresh rosemary to soothe sore muscles.

     c. For chronically dry hair only, apply a small amount of the oil to your hair for 5 minutes as a deep conditioner. Rinse thoroughly.


2. The key to a great makeup look starts with your skin underneath.

Keep your skin hydrated, clean, and moisturized. Don’t forget the skin on the neck and under the eyes, and tailor your skincare to meet your own skin needs. Also, if you use your hands to put on your makeup, please please please make sure they are very clean! Also, if you use brushes, don’t forget to wash them as well every so often.You can buy solution to keep them sanitary in most beauty supply stores or use a clarifying shampoo such as baby shampoo! Easy!


 3. Big, bold false Eyelashes are in this season.

A great technique I have found, is using my finger to help pop the lashes up after gluing them with duo lash glue to get them as close to root as possible and give a great lift. Then I go through and separate the lashes and draw out the ends with an eyebrow/lash brush/comb. I love deep black lashes but you can have some fun with colors like rich browns and sables. Also try playing with colored mascara, such as bright blues or more subtle plums! We also forget about the bottom lashes sometimes, so once your top lashes are dry, you can easily swipe your wand back and forth on the bottom to draw those bottoms out as well.


Jenny Karl owns and runs Jenny Karl Hair and Makeup Agency based in Los Angeles. The agency has a highly trained team of hair and makeup artists, specializing in Airbrush Foundation, Print, Film, Television, Beauty, Fashion, Special Event, Mens and Ethnic hair and makeup



Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum

Margaret Dabbs is known as THE celebrity podiatry expert in the UK. Although I won’t be making it across the pond to get a highly coveted appointment with her, at least I can use her pamper products back home in Los Angeles.

The Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum is a highly effective partially natural product.  A few months ago I tried a gel manicure and all it took was one time to see that even though the polish stays on for weeks, it undoubtedly made my nails thinner and damaged.  Maybe not as much as the old Acrylics they boast an improvement over but again, damaged.  So I steered clear of polish for a few weeks and started to apply this serum. Made from natural Emu and Tea tree oils, it is super nourishing but doesn’t feel greasy and fights off infection.  Almost immediately after I started using it, I noticed my nails had a healthier smooth feel on the surface and my cuticles were not peeling.  It gave my nails a buffed appearance. It also comes in a very convenient small plastic pump that you can carry in your purse.  Super helpful as traditional oils are usually in a glass dropper bottle that is both messy and not handbag friendly.

Starting at: 


15 ml

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