Delight Your Senses and Set the Mood!

One thing you can always count on that can alter a room is a beautiful candle with a lovely wafting scent. Not only are candles the most impactful way of effecting the look of a room, they add charm and can effect your mood via sense of smell and a glowing warmth. I have always had a huge affinity for candles and even remember back to my college days at Parsons School of Design when I would save up to buy a candle I’d been coveting. I say ‘save’ up because even early on I could see the difference between a good candle and a bad candle, from the wick, to type of wax, container, and to the way it burns.

A good candle starts with a clean wax, this could be wax of any kind but I prefer a soy, beeswax, or a vegetable wax, a good wick (no lead), and a heat proof container. Add a high quality essential oil fragrance that is pure and undiluted. However, if the parts are not of equal quality you will still get a sub par result.  If you take the best wick, and the best oils, and then blend them in a cheap, dirty wax, your candle will still smoke and not honor the integrity of the fragrance in the oils.  But, if you blend a pure essential oil, a clean wax, and a lead-free wick that is sized for the oil, wax, and container, you will have a beautiful candle that burns slow, completely, evenly, and throws a soft fragrance throughout the room while you bask in the flattering glow!

Here are few of my favorite all-time luxury candle picks. Soon to come my more budget friendly top picks!

The classic Dyptique Baies scent in a black colored glass container with a scent that recalls a bouquet of roses and deep blackcurrant leaves, one of my all time go to candles for home or as a special gift for those that appreciate true luxury.
Size: 300g (10.2 oz) Price: $90.00 Or available as a Standard candle $60.00Mini $28.00

Delirium Suede & Smoke candle is a slightly cheaper candle that always gets comments when people walk in the room. The smell is super sexy without being cheesy. Per the Delirium site it is a “smoldering vaporous mingling of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, lapsangsouchong dark tea and green manda. Reminiscent of sitting in a worn leather chair next to a burning fireplace. Encased in a midnight blue vessel w/ silver embossed snuff lid.” I don’t like flowery candles so both this candle and the Dyptique candle have a rich musky smell.  Size: 7.9 oz Price: $38.00

Marianne Guedin Figue Fraiche (Fresh Fig) candles are manufactured in France with perfumes from Grasse. The fresh fig scent is “like an open oven that lets the roasted odor of warm fig escape into the air”. Each candle comes in a beautiful recycled glass container but most importantly are made from almost 100% of the SAFEST wax you can buy, BEESWAX.  Size: 6.7 oz Price: $64.00

Restoration Hardware Luxe Faux Fur Throw

I love the look of fur throws, so lush, but my efforts at a cruelty free approach to life don’t allow me to indulge in the real thing. Until, the discovery of these Luxe Faux throws from Restoration Hardware which have now become one of my favorite things. It re-creates the natural weight, depth of color and indulgent softness of genuine fur without being genuine fur and not looking synthetic, brilliant!

I admit, I actually have two of them. One of which was originally a gift but never left the house, oops.  The faux Mink one lies across the bottom of my bed over a crisp white duvet. This helps soften up the starkness of the white but doesn’t distract from the neutral pallet of the bedroom. A great way to layer and add texture and make any room feel richer. The other is faux Lynx and sits on the sofa. Both are super soft and feel very luxurious. They are made from synthetic materials with the reverse side a matched color in soft velvet.

Now, if you’re wondering why a beauty blogger is writing about a throw blanket the answer is because it not only looks beautiful as part of any home décor but also makes me feel beautiful. There is something about sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a fur throw that somehow evokes warmth and sultriness all while being super functional!

Final thoughts –

It’s an amazing gift for someone special who has everything.

The new RH catalog arrived and it’s as big or bigger than the September issue of Vogue weighing in at a hefty 5 ½ pounds. The throw might be cruelty free but environmentally unfriendly.

Fabric: Front is 74% modacrylic, 26% polyester; reverses to 100% polyester

Dimensions: 50″ x 60″

Listed at: $99.00

Available at: