“Capturing Your Glow” by Photographer Courtney Lindberg

What’s the trick to capturing your best side?  That’s a great question and one that I am asked all the time.  Let me break it down for you and please don’t be fooled by what seems to be the most simple answer.  The key is revealing your joy.  I know…sounds super duper easy, right?  Well, it is in theory; in action it can be a bit tricky.   As women in this modern culture we are bombarded with images of what we think is the “ideal” woman splashed all over the media.  From the time we wake up ‘til the time we take our first sip of our coffee or tea we have already seen numerous examples of how media portrays the perfect woman.  Well, ladies, I know the secret behind most of those images: Photoshop…that’s right, it ain’t all real!!!  Why we have fed into this fairy tale is a good question and one I am not sure I can answer with any sense of justice.

Ok, I’m getting off subject…back to it.  We as women have an obligation to ourselves to speak loving thoughts to our reflection.  As my bestie reminds me all of the time, we are made mostly of water and water retains energy.  Why would anyone speak negative thoughts to their reflection if they knew the damage it was causing them.  It is not only easier to speak positive thoughts, it will also give you energy and joy.  When we speak and think in gratitude life becomes a playground.  Thoughts become things, right?  I think the key to taking a great picture starts at your core.  Joy and love ooze out of you if you are abundant and living in them.  Ever wonder why brides look so gorgeous? They are literally spilling over with love.  Love and joy are transcendent, they ignite a photo and make you take a second peek and want to know what is happening on the other side of that lens.  Ladies, this is not hard, we all have it in us, it is just about finding and living in that space of love and gratitude.


A few things will help you when you sense that lens targeting on your shinning face.  Ohhhhh boy this is your moment to shine and let the world see your joy.  Rule #1, ENJOY it.  Trust me, when you are 90 and looking back at images captured of you, you will consider these images some of your greatest treasures.  Remember why you are at the event that you are being captured, your bestie’s wedding, a family reunion, a friends birthday, a sunday in the park…whatever it is, events where the camera comes out are usually events filled with love and joy.  Connect into that energy and you can’t give a bad angle!  Seriously, joy and laughter make the best images!! Laugh with your friends, enjoy the moment and the shot will be perfect!

by Courtney Lindberg Photography


Want to take a hot shot to impress your latest lover??  Easy peesy!   Next time you are out with your girlies for a night on the town, whip out that camera and shoot away.  Fun fact, shooting from a higher angle is fabu for instant wide eyes.  Eyes are the windows to your soul, right…let those puppies shine!! Chin down and slightly out creates a yummy highlight on your incredible bone structure and stunning wide eyes.  Before taking a sassy photo, say to yourself or out loud, “I dare you to____.”   It will give you a bit of the naughty energy that will burn through the lens and give a zinger to the viewer of the image.

by Courtney Lindberg Photography


OK, Courtney, but how I do I do that when I am not feeling my best and I see my friend at a party with that dreaded point and shoot and know that by the end of the party I will be receiving an email saying I have been tagged in 100 Facebook images.  Girrrrrrrrrllll….I sooooo understand!!  First things first.  Clue into why you are not feeling your best.  Have you had a rough day, went on a hike and still have some zit cream on your face and just don’t feel like being in front of the lens?  Please do not feel bad about hitting up that friend and saying, “Hey ____, I love that you are capturing this moment for everyone, but I am just not feeling up to being in these shots today, I would really dig it if you could lovingly not point the lens in my direction, and please for the love of God do not tag me on Facebook.”  Ladies, we have all had these days and if she is any friend of yours she will hear you and comply with your wishes with a loving heart.  If this is happening more often than not, I challenge you to explore why.  You deserve to look in that mirror and love the reflection that is looking back at you.

by Courtney Lindberg Photography

Moral of the whole big story, be at peace at the place where you are.  The most incredible images are when the pure you is shinning right on through!

Copyright JennKL Photography
The phenomenally talented Courtney Lindberg is magic behind the lens! In her own words:
Light…my first word and my obsession.
I believe that without darkness we would not have anything to shape the light.
Shadows tell the most interesting stories.
I speak through images and am driven by story, breath and light.
I love to play
I love adventures
I love faces
I choose to live fully and out loud.