Free Botox?  Free facelift?  Wildling’s $65 Empress Gua Sha tool is the best one-time investment you can make for plumped, lifted revitalized skin.

Not gonna lie.  Wasn’t expecting the immediate visible results.  Blows my mind how effective using this beautiful grooved tool is.  The curved side can be used around your cheekbones, jawline and throat, while the comb-like side can break up muscle tension along the sides you neck or your forehead.  This ancient detoxifying Bian stone contains over 40 healing trace elements and minerals.  Now yes, it does require a small commitment to a brief daily practice, but the results are just as fast as Botox, without the atrophying of facial muscles caused by long-term botox use. 

As you essentially foam roll, or in this case, stone roll your skin, you quickly stimulate circulation by loosening up the overstressed tight fascia (the connective mesh-like tissue right below the skin that supports and encapsulates our muscles and organs).  This process of firmly rolling the skin drains and detoxifies the lymphatic system  on a cellular level and releases muscle tension, while lengthening the fascia that are preventing optimal circulation.  This in turns softens, sculpts and rejuvenates the  skin.  Think of it as deep healing bodywork for the face.  The lymphatic drainage alone that releases those pockets of fluid retention instantly depuffs and lifts your skin, making frown lines disappear. Not exaggerating.  It even works wonders for headaches, TMJ and tight neck muscles. 

What makes me love the Wildling Empress Stone even more thoughtful is that the system is the well-rounded brainchild of an herbalist, an acupuncturist, and a holistic aesthetician.  They have created a delicious Empress Oil and Tonic that pair beautifully with Gua Sha.   And lucky for us, their site and Instagram are chock-full of great tutorials on how to use this insanely effective tool. 

Available for $65 at:

WIlding Empress Stone

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