Andrea EyeQ’s Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, Oil Free

Getting eye makeup off at night can be a real beast! But not when Andrea EyeQs gets involved! These pads will remove the toughest of eye makeup in one or two gentle swipes. That’s it!  Because each bottle comes with 65 pads that are saturated with the right amount of remover. Other brands force me to use 6 or 7 pads, thanks to their ineffective formula and dried out pads.

These oil-free gems will leave you with no oily film that blurs your vision, no streaks of  eyeliner you can’t rub out . Your eyes are free of residue to reapply makeup if need be and safe and ready for your contact lenses. And the added aloe vera soothes and softens lines.

For a bionic eye makeup remover, look no further.

Available for $4.59 at: