Whip Those Eyebrows Into Submission!

I don’t know about you but my eyebrows have a mind of their own. Getting them to stay in place has never been an easy task. I’ve tried products geared toward eyebrow wrangling, but they either don’t hold effectively enough, or they get crunchy and flaky. Here are two easy and cheap tricks for taming those brows into submission, while repurposing something you already own.

1. Grab a colorless natural lip balm, like the Weleda Everon Lip Balm (review to follow) or the Jao Lip Balm my beauty partner, Jaclyn Ferber, recommended. Swipe it lightly over each brow. Then take a spoolie brush and brush those brows into the shape you want, while working in the balm.

2. Another great brow groomer in a pinch is using your hairspray. Grab that spoolie brush again, spray it lightly with your favorite hairspray and run it through your brows.

And presto, beautifully groomed brows that last, without needing to add another product to your arsenal!

Tancho Tique Stick

Hate flyaways? Can’t manage to wrestle them down? Well then, this little wonder, originally from Indonesia, is just the answer. Not only is it great for fuzzy hairlines, frizzies, baby hairs and cowlicks, but it’s phenomenal for the perfect piecey rock-and-roll look.

Created in 1933 specifically for men, this lavender-scented, all-vegetable-oil wax became a huge success. A revolutionary styling product and an unruly hair tamer, it left hair shiny, instead of waxy and dull. And unlike most pomades that even today come in a stick-your-hands-in-the tub packaging, Tancho comes in a stick. No more pomade getting stuck under your nails, no more scooping up more than you need. Thanks to Tancho, you can just tap or rub your fingers lightly on the wax and run them over the misbehaving hairs in question. And for the lazy like myself, you can even apply it to hair directly from the stick. But be sure to always use a light touch. A little does go a long way! With the lightest stroke of this stick, you get instant results.

Created for men but perfect for women, this does it all!  Edgy, gamine, tousled, James Dean… It’s no wonder you see this classic in every Hollywood makeup trailer. And the best part? I’ve used mine for 7 years and I’ve hardly made a dent.

Any drawbacks? Be sure to take a whiff first. Some might find the lavender scent overwhelming. But for me, Tancho is my double-duty miracle worker. Pomade and aromatherapy all-in-one!!

Tancho Tique Stick

3.5 oz

Available for $13 at:

Diamond Beauty