“How to GLOW from the inside out” by Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation

Think of the most beautiful person that you know.  Go on… picture her. What is it that you find beautiful about her?  While physical tastes may differ there are a few things that most of us find attractive across the board – confidence, joy and kindness. These things turn on your inner glow in a way that everyone around you will notice.

So how do we add more confidence, joy and kindness to our lives? Meditation. Yep, Meditation!  Why?  Meditation is a powerful stress relieving tool.  Stress will zap your inner glow and rob you of the experience of enjoying the RIGHT NOW.  Stress is making us sick, it is making us crazy and it is aging us at alarming rates.

One hundred bucks says that the beautiful person that you pictured earlier is NOT running around complaining, busy and stressed.

“But I don’t have time to meditate, I don’t want people to think I am a freak, I can’t stop my mind from thinking…”

Here is the good news.  No one can stop their mind from thinking, so take that pressure off yourself.  The only time the brain activity totally stops is when we are dead.  The time that you invest in meditation will pay of in dividends with what you are able to accomplish afterwards.  More people than you think are already doing it, loving it and getting their inner glow on.

How does meditation help you get your glow on?

Meditation is custom designed to dissolve stress.  We all know that a good night’s sleep is one of natures best beauty secrets.  What if you knew that meditation delivers rest that is 5 times deeper than sleep!  The body wants to thank you for that deep rest, and it thanks you by dissolving old stresses lodged in the nervous system.  Less stress in the nervous system allows you to be more present in the right now which is the only place that happiness actually resides.

Meditation also reverses body age by up to 8 YEARS! Sounds crazy right? But here is the thing.  Stress ages us in an expeditious fashion.  If you want proof of that, look at a picture of any president when they take office and a picture of them one year after being in office.  All of them seem to age ten years in just one.

If you want to practice right now here is a simple exercise you can try.  Let us know how it goes for you.

1. Find and comfy chair and close your eyes

2. Take 30 seconds of just chilling

3. Gently start thinking the word “one” silently to yourself

4. Repeat for 5 min (feel free to check your watch, don’t    set an alarm)

5. Know that thoughts will come, that is ok.  Keep coming back “one”.

Just five minutes a day of quiet time can do wonders in an age of ever increasing demands and distractions.  Take charge of your inner glow and try it now!


Want to learn more? Check out www.zivameditation.com to attend a free 1 hr Intro to Meditation.

Ziva Meditation was founded by Emily Fletcher who began her extensive training in Vedic meditation in Rishikesh, India under world-renowned meditation instructors, Thom Knoles and Will Dalton. Emily was inspired to become a meditation instructor after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers, AChorusLine and many others.

With a unique combination of training in Western psychology (7 years of study under Thomas Jones, founder of The Paradox Process) and 4 years of meditation training Emily is perfectly suited to teach busy people how to incorporate this simple and hugely effective practice into their lives.

The Recipe For True Beauty by Spiritual Counselor, Julie Zipper

The recipe for True Beauty is awareness of your True Self. I promise. You won’t find it in a bottle, a brush, a boyfriend or any outside Source. And yet, when you find it within yourself all those other things become more enjoyable, more celebratory, more an extension of who you are.

To discover your True Self, swing on a swing, drop your toes into the Ocean, gaze up at clouds, climb mountains. Listen to crickets, a beloved’s heartbeat, or the sound of a baby laughing. Feel your heart open and expand.

To discover your True Self, begin to listen to your mind, too. That’s right. Listen to all the ways it tells you of your unworthiness, your not enough-ness. Listen to its endless list of fears and doubts. Let it show you its patterns and grooves that go way back to Mom and/or Dad. Feel the ickiness of listening to this aspect of you. Become aware of what it does to your body, and to your heart. Become aware that you are not now, nor have you ever been these thoughts.

To discover your True Self, drop down deeper, past the mind and listen to the still small voice within. It might sound like a heartbeat or breath to begin. . . but underneath that is an energetic field that is who you really are. Listen to its gentleness and its power. Listen as it tells you what’s really true. How will you know it’s your still small voice? It will tell you things that feel freeing. You are more than enough. You are Love. You are Joy. You are an abundant being. You are One with all of Life.

Listen to this every day, and you will remember who you are. You will remember that you are here on purpose, on time, and with amazing gifts to give this world. Listen to this voice, and you will walk with a radiance and beauty that uplifts, inspires and illuminates the entire cosmos.


Julie Zipper is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Counselor. She helps people plug into their God-Self (or whatever it is they like to call that good Universoul-stuff), access their inner guidance, and create a life of purpose, authenticity and love. She has a show on youtube entitled “Creative Meditation,” as well as being the co-creatrix of a cyber school in consciousness, http://www.MyEarthSchool.com. She lives in LA with an old soulmate, her dog, and an amazing Spiritual Tribe that is shifting the planet to a higher frequency of love.