Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe

Light up your eyes with this amazing chubby eyeliner from Eyeko. Flattering on any skintone, the sheen it imparts on eyes is a show stopper. The fawn like color and smooth glossy application, will leave your eyes looking  luminous and well rested!

I also love the surprise retractable twist up applicator. It couldn’t be easier to take your eye makeup from a vibrant opaque finish, all the way to an ethereal sheer wash of color. You can also use this creamy stick to line your eyes,  with a cat eye flick at the ends, or use your fingers to smudge it on. So many liners claim to be bendable, but they require a game of tug of war on your delicate lids. This highly pigmented cream melts right in, staying malleable enough to get the color where you want it, while miraculously lasting for hours. But for best results, primer first is always the way to go for creaseless staying power.

But my favorite easiest, goof proof way to use it? Take a swipe or two over each lid, from the lash line to the crease or just a hint above the crease. Then grab your fluffy ponytail brush and with a windshield wiper motion, blend it out. Voila! Your eyes will instantly look bigger, brighter and beautifully defined. Smoky eyes in truly seconds.

Here’s a list of all their beautiful colors:

Available for $15 at:


(After writing this review, I discovered it’s become nearly impossible to find it in the States. London anyone?)