La Mer The Radiant Concealer – Broad Spectrum SPF 25

The Creme De La Mer line is famous for its insanely expensive skincare, with the La Mer Moisturizing Cream reaching cult status. Yet its makeup line goes mostly unnoticed. In fact, I would vote this La Mer gem as the most under-appreciated concealer I’ve come across.

The price is steep at $70! Absurd in fact. But I have owned my Radiant Concealer for ages, use it daily, and it looks practically new. You need only the tiniest amount to have full coverage. Those dark circles will be instantly airbrushed away with just the thinnest layer of this product. No cakey pebbliness no dryness, no creasing. And it boasts a Broad Spectrum SPF of 25. Most eye creams and concealers have zero SPF, which is astounding since the skin around the eyes is the most delicate, but lucky La Mer takes care of that!

Now the closest thing to this concealer is the lauded Cle De Peau Concealer, but La Mer blows it out of the water!  The unique texture is in truth a cream but feels like the finest powder to the touch. And when it’s applied, it looks and feels like second skin. The tiniest swipe covers both eyes, erasing all signs of fatigue and discoloration. All that’s left  is well-rested, bright, flawless skin.

But there is one major drawback. Their limited color selection! With only 3 colors, it’s a crying shame that this product won’t work for everyone!

1) As with all concealers, always start with well-hydrated moisturized skin.
2) Always set your concealer with the lightest setting powder or spray. It helps keep the creases away and prevent fading during the day!
3) The little brush the Radiant Concealer comes with is amazing! It makes it a cinch to apply.
4) The coverage is buildable. So apply as much as you need. But always work it in thin layers.
5) For extra dark circles, use a neutralizer first. Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Neutralizer or Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Eraser are super effective.

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