SoulCycle is a spiritual cardio party… huh?

SoulCycle is a spiritual cardio party… huh?

This entry has geographic challenges for a lot of you but for those of us living on the East Coast (New York) or West Coast (Los Angeles) count yourself lucky. Why? Because it’s home to the now cult phenom cycle studio SoulCycle.

My first SoulCycle class was a result of sheer curiosity after creating a custom 5 Free nail polish color by my company tenoverten – for SoulCycle. A brilliant yellow to match their signature energizing color with a hint of shimmer. I was intrigued by this spin studio that has a booming retail brand that sells apparel, candles, towels, nail polish, and more. Then after one class I realized why… it’s not just any spin studio. It’s a spiritual cardio party on a bike!

With super instructor MB Regan at the helm I ungracefully pedaled my way thru a forty-five minute heart pumping, music thumping, nausea inducing class. I was mostly fueled on by the incredible energy and rhythm of MB, she’s got dance moves on the bike your wouldn’t think possible. MB gets the class fully pumped up with a music playlist so good that even while you’re pushing through the pain you find yourself singing a verse or two, when you can catch your breath. She believes you can do it, there is no failure in the room when you’re at least trying. And so I was determined not to give up amongst a pack of cardio warriors.  And when it was over I felt proud, strong, and even more determined to get better, the seed was planted and I’m now hooked. After having back surgery just over a year ago, cardio had become my nemesis. Any impact driven cardio gave me days of pain and slowly my will to do any cardio at all waned, until now. I still modify a few moves in the choreography to protect my back and I suggest if you give class a try to underachieve when you first start, you’ll thank me. There are people who do deadly doubles, 2 back-to-back classes, not me. I stick to my one class, working harder in 45 minutes than I have in years and seeing the results.

Not only do my pre-surgery jeans fit more comfortably now, it makes my mind feel better. According to research aerobic exercise is proven to increasing brain serotonin levels, no matter what exercise, so hit the road, bike, elliptical, or anything that gets your heart rate up to improve mental clarity and mood.

Owner Elizabeth Cutler explains what sets SoulCycle apart. “You not only get an amazing cardio workout and burn between 400-700 calories, but you also strengthen your core and tone your upper body using hand weights on the bike. The exercise program focuses on the “energy of the pack” and creates a strong community bond between the riders. The rhythm-based rides hosted in candlelit studios make riders feel like they are partying in a healthy nightclub.”

First Class Only $15.00

1 Single Class $25.00

5 Class Series (45 day expiration) $125.00

Larger Class Series Available – See SoulCycle website

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