Amala Jasmine Hydrating Yogurt Mask

Certified organic Egyptian Jasmine, lead plant in the Hydrate collection.

Amour = Amala

It is a certainty that if there is a beauty lab, apothecary, cosmetics counter, or bottles lined up in a row, you’ll find me standing in front of them.  And much to the dismay of my boyfriend, if he’s around, we’ll be there a while.  As was the case when I happened into a quaint shop in Marylebone, London called CONTENT Beauty/Wellbeing.

This eco-luxury beauty boutique carries the finest natural beauty products from which I discovered Amala, Sanskrit for “most pure.”  Amala does independent clinical testing to make sure the products actually do what they say they will and are certified by European authority, NaTrue.  For the icing on the cake Amala returns 5% of their profits each year to global farm partners, reinvesting in their communities, organic agriculture and traditional ways of life.  My top product pick, so far, is the Amala jasmine hydrating yoghurt mask which saved my skin from travel dehydration!

I usually end up with dull looking skin when I travel long distances, partially due to lack of hydration and partially due to my hesitation to moisturize for fear of breaking out.  I have sensitive skin with quite a bit of redness unlike my beauty guru partner Elena, lucky girl!   Someone, somewhere once told me it was best to dry out acne prone skin.  This advice stuck with me but I think it was the wrong advice.  Always hydrate!  It’ll keep your skin looking more radiant and younger longer!

The Amala hydrating mask has 95% organic ingredients including jasmine, macadamia nut, wild rose, and is formulated with organic milk emulsifier. It has a soothing feel as soon as it’s applied.  It almost feels like a moisturizer, not too thick, not too sticky, almost a clear gel, and doesn’t get hard or crack during the time it is active.  You don’t need to apply a lot and it washes off with warm water.  Since traveling, I have used it several more times, with the same glowing results.  It feels like I just quenched skin that was screaming for a cool drink.  So, for making my dry skin feel plumped and soft, I have absolute Amour for Amala.  I can’t wait to try more products from this brand.

Amala Jasmine Hydrating Yogurt Mask

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